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Australian wildlife T-shirts

April 14, 2015 A little pain for a little bird & a new design is born...

Last year, this little guy hit our window. I watched him slowly recover as I took pics and fell in love. How could I not!

He's now immortalized in a new design on ADULT'S & LADIES FITTED T-shirts - 'Red-browed Finch & curly barbed wire'.

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Magpie boules
Summer 2015

Magpie boules by the beach...

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3 new minimal design shirts
Nov 15, 2014

A Feather, a Skink and a Solo Cicada have been added to the LADIES FITTED and ADULT'S T-SHIRTS pages.
Because there is no design on the back, they are $39. Well, the Solo Cicada has a teeny weeny cicada nymph on the back but that doesn't really count! (and I couldn't help myself... )

The COPPER-TAILED SKINK is the prey on the back of the KOOKABURRA shirt. He takes his revenge by featuring on a shirt of his own.

The SOLO CICADA is silver with red eyes -- on a black shirt ... with a teensy print of the nymph on the back from which he has emerged.

The FEATHER is a female Glossy Black-Cockatoo tail feather floating on a green background. This has been available as a Ladies Fitted design but is now an Adult's T-shirt as well.

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Well why not !
Mums freak out but not the kids. They love it! Children's FUNNEL-WEB SPIDER T-shirt

Available in (3-4), (5-6), (7-8) & (9-10) yrs sizes on CHILDREN'S PAGE.

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Oct 5, 2014

Dragonfly man goes fishing...

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New design for Spring 2014!
Sept 1, 2014

Spring has sprung and to celebrate the magnificent effort of our resident male Satin Bowerbird in making his bower irresistible to his female, I have created a new design in his honour. I regularly visit his bower to check out his latest acquisitions strategically arranged for best female bowerbird attracting effect. He is an artist!

The front design on both the
LADIES FITTED and ADULT'S T-shirts feature the male Satin Bowerbird in his bower with an array of blue objects featured in his display -- a straw, a peg and a blue plastic lid. He is also partial to feathers, small flowers or assorted bits of plastic and not everything is blue. A dash of purple or green seem to sneak in here and there but blue is definitely his first love.
And because the noble peg is obviously his favourite female magnet, I have featured one as the back design.

This design is also available as a TABLE RUNNER on rust background. Click on images to enter Shopping Cart to order.

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