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Australian wildlife T-shirts

And the winner of Birdlife Australia's Favourite Bird Competition is ...
... the Superb Fairy Wren!!

Always a winner at Alison Green Designs! Click on pics to enter Shopping Cart.

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... to everyone who purchased T-shirts featuring Regent Honeyeater, Corroboree Frogs, Gouldian Finches and the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo designs during Endangered Species Month. We were able to donate over $600 to the recovery programs for those 4 species throughout October.

This program was such an enjoyable and satisfying exercise, I am continuing the donation scheme .. with your generous help. I will be donating $5 from each sale of those designs on Adult's T-shirts & am contemplating which new endangered species design to add to my range. Watch this space! (Any suggestions welcome)



October 2013 at Alison Green Designs is Endangered Species Month. During October, I will feature 4 T-shirts with my screen printed designs of endangered species and donate $10 from each sale to relevant projects connected with each species.

CORROBOREE FROG -- donations made to Corroboree Conservation Program

REGENT HONEYEATER -- T-shirt sales will benefit Birdlife Australia’s Woodland Birds for Biodiversity Regent Honeyeater Recovery Program.

GLOSSY BLACK-COCKATOO design (with text added to highlight the plight of the SA/Kangaroo Island sub-species - Calyptorynchus lathami halmaturinus) donations to Glossy Black Rescue Fund c/o Nature Foundation SA.

GOULDIAN FINCHES T-shirt sales – donations to the Save the Gouldian Fund.

Order anytime now & up to the end of October and a donation will be made on your behalf.

To order, click on the images below and choose your design from the 5 choices at the top of the ADULT'S T-SHIRTS page.

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My Other Passion...
I'm also a dabbler in the ungentle art of 'pique assiette' - which translates as plate scrounger! This is mosaicing using 'acquired' plates/tiles ... in other words, recycling broken and discarded ceramics. I have received some interesting commissions and love that a broken favourite ceramic can be resurrected into a new creation.

I also hold classes here in my Wallaby Gully workshop. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how to smash and resurrect with style!

CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW to view my history of mosaic pieces...

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New range of LEGS & TUNICS
12 May, 2013

New line of printed LEGS available as leggings, boot leg or 3/4 length ... plus TUNICS to make an outfit. CLICK to view.

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Changes to Children's T-shirt range

May 3, 2012

Two Adult's designs - Magpie & Wedge-tailed Eagle - have been added to the CHILDREN'S range & a few designs moved into SPECIALS.

Click on any image below to view...
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