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Australian wildlife T-shirts

Oct 5, 2014

Dragonfly man goes fishing...

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...searching for beloniforms in the Hinchinbrook channel. Thanks for the perfect shirt Ali!
Sept 26, 2014

Young friend doing his PhD on spatial predator ecology wearing the
WHITE-BELLIED SEA-EAGLE T-shirt. Eagle front design = predator; Southern Garfish (a beloniform fish) back design = prey.
Click on shirt to view on ADULT'S T-SHIRTS page.

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International man of mystery on assignment for Alison Green Designs...
... where will he turn up next?

Stay tuned folks for more sightings in exotic locations!

CICADAS & BARBED WIRE lurking in the canals of Venice; PERENTIE REPEAT meets Michelangelo\'s David in the Galleria dell\'Accademia Museum in Florence; in Dubrovnic; Netherlands; with friends on the Hungarian puszta & Budapest. (Click on shirts to view in Shop)

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New design for Spring 2014!
Sept 1, 2014

Spring has sprung and to celebrate the magnificent effort of our resident male Satin Bowerbird in making his bower irresistible to his female, I have created a new design in his honour. I regularly visit his bower to check out his latest acquisitions strategically arranged for best female bowerbird attracting effect. He is an artist!

The front design on both the
LADIES FITTED and ADULT'S T-shirts feature the male Satin Bowerbird in his bower with an array of blue objects featured in his display -- a straw, a peg and a blue plastic lid. He is also partial to feathers, small flowers or assorted bits of plastic and not everything is blue. A dash of purple or green seem to sneak in here and there but blue is definitely his first love.
And because the noble peg is obviously his favourite female magnet, I have featured one as the back design.

This design is also available as a TABLE RUNNER on rust background. Click on images to enter Shopping Cart to order.

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Yellow-tailed and Glossy Black-Cockatoos
August 30, 2014

Took time out from printing to watch Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos moving thru the gully today ripping into wattles for grubs ... then back to work printing Glossy Black-Cockatoos -- similar enough to be spooky!!

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Printing lovely legs 11/7/2014

Printing cheerful LEGGINGS on a cold July day -- loving the build up of pattern on the printing table almost as much as the emerging print!
Design is 'Pilbara' ... on ochre and red LEGS $79.

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